While translation  is undertaken in writing, interpreting is done verbally. The interpreter is present at the event and transfers the source language into the target language verbally, thereby playing a decisive role in the outcome of the event. In the case of a multilingual event, one of the keys to success is high-quality interpreting.
Galloman ensures effective support for its clients in various topic-specific areas covering a wide range of fields, from law to economics, through technology and culture. Our interpreters are accurate, flexible, reliable, and confidential about the information they encounter at events or during preparation. The following list includes the events that most often require an interpreter – you can find further information about these here :

  • conferences (two or more languages);
  • business training, workshops;
  • business meetings;
  • legal cases, deeds;
  • visiting delegations, factory tours;
  • audits;
  • gala events;
  • weddings (the most beautiful moment when French and Hungarian culture meet).

In accordance with our clients’ needs, we can provide interpreting services outside of Hungary as well – in any combination of French, English, and/or Hungarian.

Which type of interpreting do you need?

If you are organizing a bi- or multilingual conference with many participants, you will need conference interpretation. In this case, two interpreters per language sit in a booth, listen to presentations through headphones, and interpret what has been said in real time. The advantage of this method is that it happens simultaneously, thus requiring no extra time. Also, unlimited access is provided to the interpreting through headphones. If needed, we can also provide technical equipment (interpreting booths, interpreter desks, headphones, and receivers), but nowadays participants often listen to interpreters on their own mobile phones, which can lead to significant savings for organisers.

In the case of a business meeting, we offer consecutive interpretation. In this case, the interpreter sits next to the business partners and interprets what has been said in longer or shorter sections (a few sentences or minutes).
If only 1-3 members of a larger group need an interpreter (for example, in the case of a factory tour), the most appropriate technique is chuchotage (whispering interpretation). This refers to simultaneous interpretation without the use of interpreting equipment. The interpreter stays next to participants and whispers into their ears.
If more than three persons who are on the move need interpreting services, the most suitable format is mobile interpreting. In this case, the interpreter moves alongside the speaker and speaks into a microphone attached to their clothes, while listeners hear the interpretation through headphones, while moving without constraint. The advantage of this technique is mobility, which means that both the listeners and the interpreter can move freely, while the interpreting can be heard perfectly thanks to a microphone/headphone system.
At French-Hungarian weddings, an interpreter is a must. At a civil wedding ceremony, the couple is obliged to have an interpreter, and during the more informal part of the ceremony it is also very important that members of the party understand each other and the master of ceremonies/best man. Galloman interpreters consider it a privilege to interpret at a wedding, and they do their best to ensure the joyful celebration occurs without any language barriers. Our interpreters know the terminology used in civil ceremonies and take extra care to transmit information in both languages to everybody during the more informal part of the wedding.
We place high emphasis on having a personal consultation with the bride and groom before the ceremony. As the interpreter will be the voice of the master of ceremonies/best man, they will take part in the wedding, so it is important that the couple get to know the proposed interpreter. If having a personal meeting is impossible for geographical reasons, we are happy to make contact by phone or Skype.

The foundation of quality

Galloman interpreters support the success of our clients with their expertise, their professional experience and sound preparation before they carry out their actual tasks. Profession is their passion, passion is their profession. Besides the experience they have gained in an international environment (for example, the institutions of the European Union), they constantly improve their skills so that they are up-to-date in terms of terminology. We propose the most experienced interpreter for the specific area for every event, and expect them to diligently prepare for the special context on the basis of documents previously provided by the client.


Our interpreting services can be ordered for a few hours, a whole day, a whole week, or a longer term in Hungary and also abroad.
Contact us and ask for a personalized quote.

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